Bible Studies

Bible Studies during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 social distancing we are only having one service on a Sunday.

Short daily devotional bible studies have been developed that we can use to help us trust in God in this period.  Each day’s devotional is very simple and will take about 10 minutes. In this time when we are locked down so as to slow the spread of the Covid19 virus, it is worth us looking up and remembering/realising that the Lord God Almighty reigns! And wonderfully, He knows, cares and loves you.

In these devotional, there will be a passage to read, a simple message for you to explain to children in your house and a section where you can go deeper, if you wish. The idea is that the study is supposed to take about 10 mins and can be done with all your household. At the end of each study ask the questions: “What does this show me about God?” and therefore, “How am I supposed to respond to Him in this situation”.

Click the buttons below to download pdf versions of the studies:


Daniel – Finding hope as we trust our Sovereign God

Daniel – Finding hope as we trust our Sovereign God

Luke: He came to seek and save the lost

John  – The Resurrection of Jesus

Living with Jesus’ resurrection in view

Lamentations – Lady Zion and her lost children enduring suffering alongside faith