Who We Are

We are a group of ordinary people from many different backgrounds and nationalities, doing ordinary jobs just like everyone else, who are grateful that God has rescued us from the penalty of our wrongdoing against him through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our aim is to have a living relationship with the living God through his Son, Jesus Christ. God speaks to us today through the Bible, and it teaches that we are to worship him with the whole of our lives. When we meet together as a church for corporate worship we seek to be accessible and contemporary, but also reverent in our approach.

We are an independent evangelical church.

'Independent' means we are not governed by any wider church group but operate independently. We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, a grouping of around 500 similar churches throughout the UK.

'Evangelical' means we aim to base our lives upon the teaching of the Bible and therefore seek to:

'Church' does not mean the building, it means a group of people who are followers of Jesus Christ.

The church is run by a leadership team, which includes a fulltime pastor. To find out more, meet the team.