PrayerCorrie Ten Boom, famous for her courage during the Second World War, asked, “Is prayer your steering wheel or spare tyre?”

There are many magnificent prayers in the Bible. Prayer was a vital part of the young Church in Jerusalem, and it remains a defining characteristic of the Church today.

We’re told in the book of Acts that the Christians prayed with vitality and expectancy as they made decisions and told others about the life-transforming good news of Jesus.

Prayer lies at the very heart of a Christian's relationship with the living God. It is also an area of Christian discipleship in which most of us need help.

Here’s a flavour of prayer within church life at Calne Free and the ways in which you can engage with it.

We encourage everyone to join together in prayer on Wednesday evenings and before the Sunday evening service.

A Men's Prayer Breakfast meets locally in Calne (learn more about the Men's Prayer Breakfast here).

We encourage prayer in family life at home, especially where parents spend time teaching and training their children. And informal prayer triplets are formed as supporting friendships are developed.

Prayer demonstrates our utter dependence on God for all we seek to be and to do, both as individual Christians and as a church. Growth in the church has often flowed from times of prayer, so don’t let prayer be your spare tyre. Make it central to your life as a growing disciple of Jesus Christ.

See our calendar for your next opportunity to meet with others to pray.

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