What if you could ask God

Have you ever thought, what if I could ask God just one question?

It might be - 'Isn't being a good person good enough?' or 'If your real why don't you just prove it?' or 'Surely all religions lead to the same place?'

Whatever your question why not join us on the 1st Sunday of each month as we start to look at these issues.

We will meet in Calne Free Church at 6pm.  The church is just a building and everyone is very welcome.  If you've never been in a church before don't worry nothing will be asked of you.. just come and listen and join us for a coffee if you like.

Our first evening on 1st October will look at the subject "All good people go to heaven, right?"

Sounds like an interesting evening. Hope to see you there!


Bible Exhibition

Each year Calne Free Church takes the Bible Exhibition into the local schools in Calne.

A what you may be asking....

Basically, each exhibition consists of a number of exhibition boards, containing large colour pictures. The children are guided round the boards by a narrator. At various intervals they meet a character, dressed in costume, to tell their story first hand. Afterwards, clip boards and pencils are distributed and the children complete a worksheet.


Find out more about the Open Air Mission  - Bible Exhibition



After Eights

After Eights is an informal meeting on Sunday evenings for those in their teens or early 20’s.

We meet for food, friendship and to find out what the Bible has to say to us today. The group usually meets in a home and lifts can be arranged after the evening service. For more details use the contact us form to send a message to Jeannie or John Lewis.


Church Weekend Away

Venue: Windmill Farm, Oxfordshire

Guest Speaker: Steve Ridgeway, Pastor of Sanderstead Evangelical Church

Theme: From Bitter to Better - How to thrive when troubles arrive

Join us for a weekend to learn more about how our faith is the cornerstone of our lives and how it will help us thrive in times of trouble.

Whether you want time to reflect, great teaching, time with friends, fun, laughter, jigsaws, and some great food - the weekend will provide it all.


Calne service

Our Sunday morning service is designed to include everyone, and you’ll find teaching for people of all ages.

The emphasis is on coming together in collective worship to glorify God in praise, in prayer and by listening to him speak to us through the Bible, which is explained in talks.


Join Us

10:30am Morning worship Junior church during morning service
5:30pm Prayer Meeting
6:00pm Evening worship
7:30pm After Eights

2:30pm Women's Bible Study

9:30am Chatterbox (term time only)

7:30pm Prayer Meeting / Growth groups on alternate weeks
To join a growth group contact the pastor.

9:30am Coffee Morning (everyone welcome)

9:30am Quilting Group (everyone welcome)

Sermon Series

  • Are there things that puzzle you about God?  What if you could ask Him one question and you knew it would be answered ....

    This series of talks attempts to answer the questions, from the Bible, that most people ask about God.  Join us every 1st Sunday evening of the month to have your question answered.